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Dedicated to delivering affordable, efficient and reliable heat pumps/mini-splits and cooling systems to improve the comfort of your home.

With over 40 years experience in the mini-split, HVAC industry, we identified a gap in the industry. We decided to design and manufacture an affordable, efficient mini-split system to help families improve the comfort of their homes while reducing energy consumption and costs. Since launching we've received nothing but praise from our satisfied customers. Built to withstand the harshest of winter and summer conditions our units provide comfort year-round.

For your convenience, our products and services are available through our network of registered partners. To ensure the best possible customer experience our partners and installation technicians are provided the highest level of product training and product certifications.

If at any time you experience an issue with one of our products, the registered partner you purchased the unit from will be happy to provide you with the knowledge and expertise required to help.

Whether you're looking to purchase a mini-split or to become a partner, we believe in transparency, support, ensuring you are well informed and offering a competitively priced high quality product.

Novair Plus
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