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Quality and comfort you can trust.

Enjoy the comfort, efficiency and reliability your 
Novair Plus mini-split 
ductless and ducted heat pumps will provide your family.


At Novair Plus,
we offer complete heating and cooling solutions with our
Novair Plus mini-split systems, backed by a 10 year warranty*. All the way down to -35°C

Our ductless heating and cooling systems provide you and your family quality and comfort you can rely on. Designed to perform in even the harshest of winter conditions and the hottest of summer days, our LEA and 2LEA Cold Climate Heat Pump series works efficiently to keep your home comfortable while improving air quality and providing energy savings.

* Available extended 10 year warranty on labor.


Our heat pumps and cooling systems feature built in technology designed to monitor and optimize performance while reducing maintenance costs.

Novair Plus is strictly focused on the production quality of our ductless mini-split systems as well as ducted heat pumps. We provide the partners and technicians who work with our products support and training that goes beyond industry standards.

Our registered partners will guide you through the entire process. From educating you on the product, guiding you through the financing application process and answering any questions you may have during installation. 


Visit a registered partner to see first hand how well our Novair Plus mini-split systems perform and to learn how much energy you can save by using our units to heat and cool your home. You won't be disappointed!

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